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  • Sony HDC-4300 4K-HDR-HFR
    Broadcast and Studio Camera

  • Sony CineAlta Venice FullFrame Dual ISO 6K Cine Kit

  • Sony PMW-F55 4K-HDR-WCG Cine Kit

  • Stanton Jimmy Jib Triangle max. extension 12 mt.

  • Sony HDRC-4000 4K-HDR
    Production Converter Unit

  • Canon 6K BCTV Zoom Lens 9.3-800mm 1:1.7 UJ86X93B

  • Canon 4K BCTV Zoom Lens 9-810mm 1:2.4 UJ90X9B

  • Canon 4K BCTV Zoom Lens 7.8-156mm 1:1.8 CJ20EX 7.8B

  • Canon 4K BCTV Zoom Lens 4.3-52mm 1:1.8 CJ12EX 4.3B

  • Canon Zoom Lens 30-300mm t/2.95-3.7 CN-E L SP PL-Mount

  • Canon CN-E 14.5-60mm T2.6 L SP Cinema Zoom Lens with PL Mount

  • Fujinon Zoom Lens 19-90mm t/2.9 ZK4.7X19 SAMB PL-Mount

  • Canon Zoom Lens 17-120mm t/2.95 CN7X17 PL-Mount

  • Freefly Movi Pro 3-Axis
    Payload up to 7kg

  • Sony Venice + Rialto Extender Module 5M

  • Insta360 Pro II
    Spherical VR 360