Giuseppe Verdi’s Aida for the first time in Stereoscopic 3D. On the occasion of the 90th Arena di Verona Opera Festival, for the first time in Europe the Aida was broadcast live on Sky3D (in Stereoscopic 3D) and Classical (in HD) television channels and simultaneously in Stereoscopic 3D format in 36 cinemas of The Space circuit.

A world event that has combined the tradition of scenography, with the same setting of 1913 – when the Aida arrived in Verona for the first time -, with the most advanced technologies of 3D.

The Israeli maestro Daniel Oren directs the orchestra during the four acts, while Gianfranco de Bosio directs the seventeenth edition.

  • Categoria: Arte/Cultura
  • Produzione: Sky3D
  • Formato: HD – S3D
  • Anno di Produzione: 2012
  • Tecnologie e Staff: DBW Communication